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The glove expert CHEN, YI-YI founded “CYY Sporting Goods Co., Ltd” in 1985. In its early establishment, we mainly produced what were then Taiwan’s bulk export items – gloves, such as ski gloves, mitten gloves, down filled gloves, goalkeeper gloves, motorcycle gloves, working gloves, and gardening gloves, etc.

Between the years 1988 ~1995, Taiwan’s glove industry had faced the problems of high production costs and labor shortages, forcing most factories to relocate production to other countries. Some had even switched operation and many others closed down the factories. We, on the other hand, decided to consistently cope with shifting events by sticking to our own business firmly in Taiwan until today.

Competitiveness is accumulation of experience
“Innovation and R&D” are our most competitive weapons. The founder CHEN, YI-YI was graduated from Taiwan’s well-known Fu-Hsin Trade and Art School. His first job upon entering the community was responsible for art design at a big glove manufacturer known as “Li Chuan Company” then. He was later promoted to R&D Chief, Production Supervisor and Factory Manager, and subsequently undertook the factory by employing the old staff and establishing “CYY Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.” As early as 1977, he had already been granted with glove invention patents in both Taiwan and the United States, and then constantly updating new inventions and designs and frequently being rewarded with highest evaluation and awards. In 1984, he wrote one of the only professional books ever – “Glove Industry” that has received high acclaim to regard as a learning guide for glove industry entrepreneurs.

Over the past 30 years, although CYY has also encountered competition from other countries with low wages, but its possession of “R&D capability and staff expertise” have helped it to be invincible. Not only has it survived, but its business has even been striving steadily.